slections from Nahaj AL-Balagha

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Slections from Nahaj AL-Balagha 

1- There is a tradition of the Holy Prophet "With the help of hair-dye turn old age into youth so that you do not resemble the Jews". When Imam Ali was asked to comment on this tradition he said that in the early stage of Islam there were very few Muslims. The Holy Prophet advised them to look young and energetic and not to adopt the fashion of the Jews (priest) having long white flowing beards. But the Muslims were not in minority then theirs was a strong and powerful state they could take up any style they liked. 

2- For those who refused to side with any party Imam Ali or his enemies Imam Ali said: They have forsaken religion and are of no use to infidelity also. 
3- One who rushes madly after inordinate desire runs the risk of encountering destruction and death. 
4- Overlook and forgive the weaknesses of the generous people because if they fall down Allah will help them. 
5- Failures are often the results of timidity and fears; disappointments are the results of bashfulness; hours of leisure pass away like summer-clouds therefore do not waste opportunity of doing good. 
6- If the right usurped from us is given back to us we shall take it otherwise we shall go on claiming it.
7- If someone›s deeds lower his position his pedigree cannot elevate it. 
8- To render relief to the distressed and to help the oppressed make amends for great sins. 
9- O son of Adam when you see that your Lord the Glorified bestows His Favors on you while you disobey Him you should fear Him (take warning that His Wrath may not turn those very blessings into misfortunes). 
10- Often your utterances and expressions of your face leak out the secrets of your hidden thoughts. 26- When you get ill do not get nervous about it and try as much as possible to be hopeful. 
11- The best form of devotion to the service of Allah is not to make a show of it. 
12- When you have to depart from this world and have to meet death (eventually) then why wish delay (why feel nervous about death). 13- Take warning ! He has not exposed so many of your sinful activities that it appears as if He has forgiven you (it may be that He has given you time to repent). 

the source: Hussein Revivalism magazine no 7 

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