common idioms in English

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اگر یك مو از سرش كم بشه می كشمت         If you harm a hair of his head , I will kill you

شخصیت انسان به لباس زیبا نیست                                   Clothes do not make the man

پول كه علف خرس نیست                                                 Money doesn,t grow on trees

تو مثل اینكه تو باغ نیستی                                                 You seem to be miles away   

اینجا شیر تو شیره                                                                    Here anything goes...

حال گوش كردن به او را ندارم                     I am not in a good frame of mind to listen to him

من توی هفت آسمان یه ستاره ام ندارم                        I am not as poor as a church mouse

او آرزوهایش را به گور برد                                   He didn,t live long to see his wishes fulfilled             

آدم چاپلوسی است                                                                     He is an apple polisher

خیلی وراج و پر حرف است                                                   He is all mounth and trousers    

دروغگو كم حافظه است                                                Liars should have good memories

آه ندارد با ناله سودا كند                                  He doesn,t have penny to bless himself with

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